Multistate Tax

Helping you Navigate the Regulations of Multistate Tax

States are continually looking for ways to increase tax revenues and are enforcing tax laws in an increasingly demanding way. That said, how you decide to structure your business and produce cash flow will ultimately have an impact on your income tax preparation.

The current state regulatory environment presents many traps for the uninitiated, which can lead to an increased percentage of your total tax liability that is earmarked for state and local income and franchise taxes.

Income Tax Preparation for Expansion in Multiple States

Multistate tax compliance can be convoluted in that many companies begin doing business outside of their native state, not realizing they have generated a taxable business presence. At PKM, our tax consultants assist clients with the added level of complexity as we deliver effective multistate tax planning and compliance solutions for businesses with a multistate presence.

Our tax consultants have experience assisting clients with:

  • Special purpose entities
  • Where to file Nexus
  • Apportionment planning
  • Voluntary compliance
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • Property tax planning

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