Credit Review Services

Credit Risk Management for a Competitive Edge

For financial institutions in today’s environment, your loan portfolio is under more scrutiny than ever before. As competition within the industry continues to climb, proper credit risk management activities, including independent credit reviews, are essential to staying competitive. Because effective loan portfolio management is vital to controlling credit risk, it is important to have annual reviews to help ensure that your portfolio, processes and procedures are reliable.

Credit Review Services from A to Z

At PKM, our approach to our credit review services is to assess the credit risk of your current loan portfolio while taking into consideration your institution’s lending philosophy and goals to ensure it remains compliant with your board-approved policies. Our credit review services help our clients with:

  • SBA SOP compliance reviews
  • proactive asset quality monitoring
  • detection of law and regulation violation
  • validation of internal risk rating
  • merger and acquisition portfolio due diligence
  • regulatory examination
  • readiness reviews
  • portfolio and credit risk management assessments
  • documentation and policy exceptions reviews

PKM credit review services can improve your profitability by mitigating exposure to potential losses as we provide you with tailored recommendations for enhancing your credit risk management programs. And because we are not affiliated with your financial institution, we can offer a truly independent, unbiased perspective of your credit review policies and procedures.