Why are Smart Contracts so Smart?

When most people hear the word blockchain, they think of cryptocurrency. But it’s important to remember that crypto and payments are far from the only use case of blockchain technology.

Beyond these, the next big wave of excitement surrounds the use of “smart contracts.” In short, smart contracts are self-executing contracts written in code maintained on the blockchain. With its security and reliability, the blockchain ensures that these types of transactions can’t be changed and facilitates the automation of next steps. For businesses of any size, this automation has the potential to make life a whole lot easier – not to mention more cost effective.

During this complementary webinar, participants will:

  • Gain a high level overview of blockchain technology,
  • Gain an understanding of smart contracts and how they really work,
  • Learn about the Ethereum blockchain platform and various use cases of smart contracts,
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of smart contracts,
  • Hear about the current regulatory environment surrounding the use of smart contracts,
  • And more!

So, whether you want to just gain a better understanding of smart contracts or are curious how it may help you gain a competitive advantage, listen as we take a look at this technology and explore the potential future impacts to your business.

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