Vendor Management from a Vendor’s Perspective: Top Pitfalls to Avoid When Preparing for a Third Party Attestation Report

As the economy strengthens and technology becomes more accessible, there are no shortage of smart, savvy entrepreneurs who are using technology to solve problems in the financial services, healthcare and other industries. As these organizations grow and begin to market to the larger and more regulated players, they need to demonstrate that they have the right procedures in place to diligently safeguard their client’s information.

These larger organizations are often looking for third party audit reports such as a Service Organization Control “SOC” or other attestation reports to further validate the controls that are of significant importance to their end users. Unless there is someone on the team who has been through the attestation process before, many of these new businesses typically don’t know where to begin addressing even some of the most basic due diligence questions.

The first time going through the SOC or other attest process for third party vendors can be a challenge and can present its fair share of pitfalls.

During this complimentary webinar we will cover:

  • Why do you need a third party attest engagement?
  • Overview of Various Attestation Reports
  • Significant Areas to Consider in the Pre-assessment Phase
  • Importance of Governance, Change Management, Control Monitoring and Documentation
  • Common Mistakes/Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Best Practices Learned from Real-World Client Scenarios
  • Q & A
  • And More!

We understand attestation reports can be complex and unclear. However, building the key governance, control monitoring and change management concepts into the day to day activities of your organization can help to ensure a successful end-result. Join us on November 9th as we walk you through the challenges to help you better prepare for the process and create a seamless experience for you, your clients and your service provider.

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