Vendor Management from a Vendor’s Perspective-February 2019

Technology vendors are receiving information requests from their users (customers) like never before. In recent years, there has been significant attention given to vendor management from the customer’s perspective. Businesses are not only beginning to consider the various types of risk that their vendors could pose but are also looking into systems and methodologies for monitoring these vendors. Companies have emerged over the last few years whose primary mission is to help organizations manage their vendors – a real testament to the amount of time, effort and understanding that is involved in the process.

Do you have a strategy for dealing with these additional requests? Users desire more transparency into the risk management process of the companies with whom they work. It is important for third-party service providers to create a solid “game plan” to address customer requests in a manner where the costs don’t outweigh the benefits. Often this means constructing a “vendor management package” to satisfy your customers’ needs efficiently.

During this complimentary webinar we will cover:

  • Why are users asking for so much information?
  • How to appropriately respond to requests?
  • How to create a vendor management package that covers perceived risks,
  • Why (customer) size matters,
  • How to manage new vs. existing vendors,
  • How having a vendor management package in place can help you gain competitive advantage,
  • And more!

Since scrutiny on third-party service providers is not likely to abate any time soon, listen as we discuss the reasons behind these additional requests and share strategies on how some of the best vendors are dealing with the wide variety of requests.

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