5 Critical Ways to Protect Against Cyber Threats: Understanding your Environment

In today’s day and age it is nearly impossible to find an organization that does not face some kind of inherent cyber security risks. Whether it is through a zero-day attack against your firewall, or something as simple as receiving an email, the vast majority of businesses are exposed to cyber security risks. Over the years, many security control frameworks have been issued with the goal of providing guidance for protecting critical information.

By now, you may have heard of the guidance included in the SANS/CIS 20 Critical Controls which is a prioritized list designed to assist companies in implementing stronger cyber security controls to protect themselves against real-world threats. The first five of the top 20 controls focus on the bigger picture of “Understanding your Environment” and the importance of having solid knowledge of your operating environment and overall security posture.

Download this white paper where we will take a deeper look into each of these controls to not only explain what they mean in “plain English,” but also how they will ultimately help to protect your organization in today’s operating environment.

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