The 5Ds of an Optimized Overdraft Privilege Program

Overdraft privilege programs may be the source of trepidation for some financial institutions, but the fact is, overdrafts are not going away and consumers have spoken: they want short-term liquidity options, including overdraft protection. If your financial institution strives to provide (or already provides) overdraft protection for those consumers who choose to access it, make sure the program includes these five ‘Ds’ of a compliant, customer-focused service.

During this complimentary webinar, attendees will learn the essential elements of a modern overdraft privilege program that provides world-class service to account holders while managing risk.

The guest speakers, Jeffrey Harper of BSG Financial Group and Erik Hoghaug of Hoghaug Consulting, LLC, will give an overview of the regulatory landscape as well as practical tips for service optimization and risk management, including:

  • Does a CFPB Decision Matter?
  • Why an overdraft service is welcomed by customers and not a “gotcha” product
  • The Five Ds:
    1. Dynamic Overdraft Limits
    2. Debit Denial Tracking
    3. Dynamic Communication
    4. Detailed Reporting
    5. Dedication to Compliance

Jeffrey Harper is President at BSG Financial and is a 20-plus-year veteran of sales, product marketing and strategic planning. He has worked with hundreds of organizations across the country assisting with profit improvement processes and implementing software solutions to assist with efficiency and compliance concerns. Erik Hoghaug, founder of Hoghaug Consulting, LLC, has an extensive 20-year background in the financial industry. His most recent work has been in the area of short-term liquidity products and how financial institutions can effectively operate these services in an increasing regulatory-intense environment. Erik has worked with hundreds of financial institutions and has been a frequent speaker at various banking conferences.

BSG Financial Group provides revenue-enhancement and compliance solutions for financial institutions nationwide, including the industry’s first cloud-based automated overdraft management solution CourtesyConnect┬«/CourtesyLimit(TM). The company’s additional solutions include: Fee-Based Packaged Checking Accounts; Digital Lending; Vendor Management; Social Media Management; and Appraisal Management.

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