Regulatory Compliance Update LIVE-April 23, 2019

In today’s landscape, we know that many community banks and credit unions are faced with the difficult task of offering a competitive array of products and services, while also maintaining the right level of compliance performance to meet regulatory and stakeholder expectations.

Many community institutions lack the experience or resources necessary to comply with all of these regulations, much less stay abreast of the constantly changing rules and regulations. That said, we’ve seen that the institutions with well-defined risk management and compliance processes in place not only fair better with the regulators, but also make better decisions on the right mix of products and services to help guide their growth.

During these informational webinars, we will cover the latest regulatory changes, concentrating on the compliance matters that will directly impact your financial institution, including:

  • Current Hot topics
  • Upcoming Regulations
  • Approaching Deadlines
  • Examiner Guidance/Best Practices
  • Q&A/FAQs
  • And More!

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