Inside the Internal Audit Function

Financial Institutions continue to face elevated levels of risk as they not only invest in new technology, but also expand their products and services to drive new revenue streams.

In addition, an onslaught of new regulatory guidance and other accounting and operational challenges is further elevating the risk profile of many organizations. As such, the Internal Audit function is being called upon more than ever by management and the Board to play a vital role in the risk management, control and governance processes of many organizations.

During this webinar we will focus on Internal Audit’s role in the risk management structure of the organization including:

  • Board & Audit Committee Responsibilities
  • Risk Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Various Types of Risk Facing Financial Institutions in Today’s Environment
  • Effective use of Internal Audit Resources
  • Monitoring & Discharge of Internal Audit Findings
  • Common Pitfalls Within the Internal Audit Function
  • And More!

Download the webinar to learn how your internal audit team can have a significant impact on your risk management process!

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