Cybersecurity: Protecting your Endpoints

Cyber criminals have come a long way since their not-so-humble beginnings in the late 1970s particularly due to the wide-spread use of electronic payment systems which have made “hacking” an increasingly more profitable business. These days, hackers have created advanced toolkits that can essentially ‘hide’ from our current security monitoring systems. Because hackers are known to prey on the weakest link, your end-users (employees and customers) are really the biggest threat to a breach in your security systems. Knowing your vendors and their controls as well as educating your employees and customers are key to protecting your institution.

During this complimentary webinar we will cover:

  • How the bad guys are getting in
  • Types of controls that need to be in place to reduce risk
  • Understanding what you already have implemented to reduce risk
  • Best practices for vendor management cyber security oversight
  • Tips on implementing/modifying/improving cyber security controls at the current weakest link (your endpoints)
  • High-level overview of the new FFIEC Cyber Toolkit

If you don’t have cybersecurity policies in place, or are just looking for ways to revamp and better understand your current programs, join us as we walk you through ways for you to better protect your business and your customers in today’s daunting technology-driven environment.

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