Building An Information Security Risk Assessment

As threat levels continue to rise, financial institutions must be more thoughtful than ever when it comes to approaching their risk management efforts – and we know that many Information Security Officers (ISO) find themselves overwhelmed and struggling to not only identify risks, let alone defend against them. It’s important to keep in mind that while many believe risks occur mostly from outside parties, internal risks also play a major factor and should not be overlooked as part of the risk assessment process.

Managing information security risk has become one of the most critical components to an institution’s overall health, the cornerstone of which is an effective risk assessment that is tailored to your organization. While taking the time to compile a formal document can be overwhelming and time consuming, it can also serve as both a life-saver and a time-saver for those willing to properly identify their strengths and weaknesses.

During this complimentary webinar, we will focus on:

    • The basics of building an Information Security risk assessment,
    • Understanding different types of risk,
    • Applying effective methodologies to your current and future risk assessments,
    • Better identifying and mitigating risk in your environment
    • And more

So, listen as we discuss how to effectively apply these methodologies and work to build an information security risk assessment that is right for your organization.

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