A Look Back at the FFIECs Cybersecurity Assessment Tool Practical Tips and Common Mistakes

Last summer, the FFIEC released the “Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT)” to help financial institutions better assess their cybersecurity risks. While most banks have completed their first pass, we are still continuing to see not only inconsistencies, but also unfinished attempts at completing the tool. This webinar will cover some of the ins and outs and best practices for successfully using the CAT to help safeguard your financial institution.

During this Complimentary Webinar

  • A Look Back: What we’ve learned about the tool over the past year
  • How the CAT has impacted Financial Institutions
  • Top Misconceptions of the CAT
  • Best Strategies to avoid over- (or under-) thinking the process
  • Hitting all of the right controls
  • What the regulators are really expecting
  • The future and evolution of the CAT

So, whether you’ve completed your first pass, are just getting started or are feeling completely stuck, be sure to join us on January 24th as we discuss practical tips and common mistakes learned over the past year as well as how your financial institution can make the most of the FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool.

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