Touchdowns & Taxes – Meet Houston Holmes

Houston Holmes grew up in Dothan, Alabama, where he actually lives today. Though Dothan is small, Houston describes it as a “lovely town, with a
lot to do.” He appreciates the small town feel of being able to see the same faces over and over again and says there is never a lack of new bars and restaurants to try – his favorite right now being KBC Kitchen. Over the last several years, many new concert venues have also popped up around the area that have featured some popular musicians such as different blues travelers and Cory Smith – both personal favorites for him.

While most of us know Houston as our Alabama-based tax guru, believe it or not, he was not always “saving the world one spreadsheet at a time.” Houston attended Samford University in Birmingham, AL (go bulldogs!) where he received his Master’s degree in Accounting. While pursuing his dreams of a career in accounting, he also had the chance to pursue another dream of his – football! He had always loved watching sports ever since he was a child and college football was particularly a passion for him. Houston has been quoted to say his perfect day would be “spent watching college football above all else – and of course a Bulldog win wouldn’t hurt.

He walked onto the Samford football team as a freshman in 2002 and was “redshirted” by the team. For some background on the Samford football program, the school is involved in the D1-AA program, meaning they are one step “below” D-1 programs such as Georgia or Alabama. Each year, however, they had the opportunity to play a D1 school, giving them the chance to challenge San Diego State, Baylor and Georgia Tech (twice). Freshman football meant you had to work to earn playing time, and Houston did just that on special teams and as a second string linebacker. During that same year, he received a scholarship and his playing time increased exponentially each year after that. During his football career, Houston met quite a few interesting people who went on to do rather great things. He not only had the chance to play against Georgia Tech’s Calvin Johnson, but also was on the Samford team at the same time as Cortland Finnegan – who went on to be an all-pro NFL quarterback.

Unfortunately for Houston, his football career came to an end during his senior year when he tore his ACL playing against GeorgiaTech in Atlanta – now we know why he chooses to reside in Alabama over the Peach State! Even though his injury halted his ability to play football, Houston has not let that stop him from staying active. In his free time, he also enjoys tennis and golf. Though he just plays golf for fun at the moment, he likes the time he can dedicate to meeting new people and catching up with friends. His tennis game, however, is a bit more competitive. He has been playing tennis for the past 6 or 7 years, playing in tournaments and on teams with USTA – where he even made it the State Championship a few years back. While he’s played both doubles and singles, he says he enjoys singles the most because he not only gets more exercise, but can also have longer rallies with his opponents.

For now, Houston and his wife Callen are a happy family of four with their two dogs – Cooper and Pup. Both are Wheaten Terriors with widely varying ages. Cooper is 14 years old and Pup is a true pup at only 2 years old! Thank you Houston for all your hard work and dedication to the firm even across state lines.