Joe McCain Graduates from LSU Graduate School of Banking

On May 31st, PKM Risk Advisory Manager, Joe McCain graduated from the LSU Graduate School of Banking after three years of participation the program.

The school utilizes both at-home projects as well as on-campus study and is held each spring on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge. In total, the program utilizes two weeks of on-site work plus an additional ten projects to submit throughout the year. Over 16,000 executives have graduated from the school, and many more continue to enroll yearly for their advanced banking education. Banks see this program as top-tier for the purpose of career advancement as well as knowledge expansion within the industry.

Throughout the program, students study a wide variety of courses each year to prepare them for advanced rolls within the realm of banking includingJoe standing in from of a Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University banner Asset/Liability Management, Strategic Bank Marketing, Treasury Management, Risk Management and Cybersecurity, Interpreting Economic Change and more. In addition to traditional courses, the school also offers Case Studies to students ranging from UCA Cash Flow to Compliance Management and more. Teachers at the school have professional experience within the realm of banking, giving them a fresh perspective on real-world banking issues and methods. With the combined courses, electives and case studies, Joe and the many other students at the Graduate School of Banking at LSU received an in depth education to aid them throughout their careers, and in Joe’s case, an education to better serve his growing roster of banking clients.

When asked about his experience at the school, Joe reflected on the program fondly. While challenging, many of the classes allowed him to expand his knowledge of credit quality and asset liability management (his areas of focus at the firm), and others helped him better understand areas of banking that he had no prior experience. In addition, the school holds a “Bank Simulation” for the senior students that allows them to take on “executive roles” within troubled banks and work to rectify situations based on economics and other factors.

Joe noted the school is not only focused on teaching students technical skills, but also how to apply them within leadership roles down the road. “It’s not only the technical skills, but the leadership development and networking at the GSB that I have valued during my time here. I have met so many bankers from all over the Southeast and even Mexico – people I feel comfortable enough to call with questions or advice.  I am confident the relationships, and friendships, I have made at GSB will last throughout my career and lifetime,” Joe remarked.