Arts, Audits and More – Meet D’Angelo Charlton

D’Angelo is originally from Nassau, Bahamas, and would move back and forth between the Bahamas and America over the course of his college career until deciding to stay in Georgia.

After high school, D’Angelo completed two years at the University of the Bahamas and then left for Florida to finish his degree at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale. When he later decided to obtain his Masters of Accounting, Georgia Southern University and Statesboro specifically appealed to him due to its small-town feel, similar to his life back on the Island. The population of Bahamas at the time he lived there was around 400,000 and, with an island that is only 21 miles wide, you get to know everyone rather quickly. All of D’Angelo’s family still lives in the Bahamas. He gets to see his parents about twice a year and his little brother will soon be going to London to finish him Masters.

Something you may not know about D’Angelo is that he used to be a competitive public speaker in “Toastmasters” A picture of PKM Audit Manager D'Angelo Charlton holding balloons for his niece.and currently still belongs to one of only four exclusive all male Toastmasters clubs in the world. He was an active member while he lived in Florida and would travel all over the state for competitions – from Orlando and down to West Palm Beach. During table topic competitions, a current (often very random) topic would be thrown out and contestants would have to begin speaking on it right away. At their meetings, they had long tables that formed a T (with the more seasoned members siting towards the front). The designated leader, also known as Table Topics Master, of the night would choose someone from the table at random who would have the begin speaking on the topic right away, addressing the whole room.

Other than Toastmasters, D’Angelo is also a devoted reader and developed his own book club amongst 18 of his friends after being inspired by the PKM Book Club back in 2014. This book club was founded in September of 2017 and was named “Books and Bourbons” – funny enough, none of them were actually avid Bourbon drinkers until they named the book club – it goes without saying that things have changed quite a bit since then! The books they read in the club are only self-improvement/self-development or business related books – no fiction! Currently, they are reading Never Split the Difference, and in the past have read Wisdom of Finance and the autobiographies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and AG Gaston (whose bank was once upon a time a client of PKM).

Aside from reading and self-improvement, Bourbon has of course become a main focus of the club and their meetings. Every meeting, each person must bring a new bottle of bourbon – something they have never tried before. To keep track, they even maintain a spreadsheet so that no one “double-buys.” The reason for their desire to try new Bourbon stems from them noticing how many leaders and inspiring people also enjoy the drink. Currently, they are trying to plan a week-long trip to visit the distilleries of Kentucky, but have already visited a few distilleries locally as a group.

When he is not enjoying Bourbon, D’Angelo is also heavily involved and passionate with philanthropy efforts – particularly surrounding education. At one point he was even helping Georgia Southern with recruitment from the Bahamas – hoping to increase Fall 2019 Freshman Applications from Nassau. It turns out, the school saw a dramatic increase in applications from this region with D’Angelo’s help. Next spring, he will also be giving a tour of Georgia Southern with a group of students from high school in Nassau– saying he was inspired by the man who gave him a tour of Duke University back when he was in high school. D’Angelo has also recently joined the Founding Board of Directors for establishing a STEM school in West-End.

KAWS Painting at the High Museum in Atlanta, GAIn his “free time,” D’Angelo enjoys spending time with his three god daughters, visiting museums and researching architecture. He is a member of the Museum of Modern Art and enjoys going to the High Museum as often as he can. He attributes this fascination with architecture and art to be from his step dad being a builder, his Mom doing interior work and his Aunt being architect! His favorite exhibit of all time was the “KAWS Downtime” exhibit at the High – which he saw in February of 2012. He says he “purposefully scheduled his CPA exam in Atlanta despite living in Statesboro,” so that he could get over to the High straight after finishing his exam – and back to Statesboro right after. He will also be going to Los Angeles in April to look at his next highly anticipated form of architecture, the Case Study Houses program, from 1945-1966 from the Civil War – there are currently approximately 15 that remain and he is trying to visit as many as he can while they’re still under preservation.

We are so grateful for D’Angelo, his passion and everything he brings to the PKM family!