The Opportunity to Grow

Dylan Lee

Systems Associate

September 3, 2019

After spending three months as an intern at the Atlanta-based accounting firm Porter Keadle Moore, I am now officially a full-time associate. Soon, I will be celebrating my one year anniversary with the firm – time really does fly!

As full time staff, I have been exposed to a wider variety of opportunities and experiences including different engagements and brand new clients. I have more responsibility on the engagements that I handle on a day-to-day basis compared to when I was an intern. Don’t get me wrong; it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t exposed to many new things as an intern, but I would say the intensity of work is not only more challenging, but also more fulfilling as an associate.

I know the experiences I gained as an intern have helped to prepare me for this level of responsibility as it allowed me to take on new things without being afraid to ask questions or get this wrong. In some cases, I know I made mistakes, but I also know that it the only way to learn and grow in my field.  Though it may have been stressful and overwhelming at times, those opportunities and challenges have undoubtedly helped me grow.

Over the last year, I have noticed that PKM offers a great deal of opportunities to their interns and associates. The firm and its leaders know you won’t be perfect at everything right off the bat, but they want you to learn and grow by giving you challenging opportunities. That’s one of the many reasons I like PKM – it may be a long and tough journey before I become an “expert” but I’m holding on tight and giving my all!