The Buddy System

Ariel Waters

Tax Associate

July 8, 2019

The Buddy System is one of my favorite programs we have at PKM. The firm pairs an experienced staff member with a new hire or intern – their “Buddy” – and gives them a budget to do almost anything they want as a pairing. The purpose is to help new PKMers not only meet their coworkers at and get to know the firm’s culture, but also not feel isolated or alone during those first few weeks on the job.

As an intern, my buddy and I paired up with another set of buddies for a whitewater rafting adventure on the Ocoee River. Not only was the rafting a ton of fun, but the road trip up there was fun too! I really enjoyed getting to know and spend time with my coworkers outside of work, and I can truly say I consider them friends now.

Since coming on full time, I’ve been paired with a couple of different interns as “buddies” over the years. For one of our outings, all of the interns, staff and seniors in the Tax department took a trip on the Atlanta Beer Bus that took us around to many of the local breweries and even a few that just so happened to be our clients!

Another outing I went on was to an Atlanta United game. Watching Atlanta United games are one of my favorite things to do in Atlanta, so it was fun to get to share that with an intern who was new to the area! We also went to one of the best Mexican restaurants in Atlanta after the game, Nuevo Laredo. This gave the intern an opportunity to ask more questions about PKM in a far more casual setting than the office.

All in all, I’ve really loved getting to go on these buddy outings – and if you come to PKM, I know you will too!