STAR Games – Interdepartmental Fun

Abby Deane

Tax Associate

September 18, 2019

One of the main reasons I chose to work for PKM after meeting with a wide variety of firms during recruiting as a student was the clarity that coworkers not only knew each other, but enjoyed each other’s company. This contrasted with experiences I had with other firms, where coworkers would introduce themselves to each other in front of recruits. However, I did not realize I would have the opportunity to not only get to know my department, but also coworkers firm-wide. One of the best examples of how PKM cultivates those relationships is the STAR Games.

The STAR Games is a large field day event made up of different games and activities. The games include bubble soccer, relay races, memory games Red team and green team playing dodgeball on a fieldand tug of war. The teams are not set up department vs department, but are instead made up of members of each department: Systems, Tax, Audit/Admin and RAS. Each team gets to compete against every other team during the day, providing even more of a chance to socialize (or talk trash). The day ended with the top teams facing off in a four-team dodge ball tournament.

My favorite part of the day was bubble soccer (playing soccer inside individual large, translucent rubber balls.) This was not only because the novelty, but all the funny stories that came out of the game. At one point, I looked over and saw someone do a full front flip. For the rest of the day, people investigated to find out who it was that knocked them over. A bubble was popped on impact. Across-the-field goals were scored (looking at you, Tim Howard…I mean Ariel Waters).

Of course, when the games were over, we all kept the party going with food and drinks just down the Beltline at a local craft brewery, New Realm Brewing Company. We only had to listen to a partner (who shall remain anonymous) relive the glory of his potato sack finish for about five minutes. The day was everything that the planning committee worked so hard to make, and every PKMer who participated was thankful for the opportunity to interact with those they may not see regularly around the office.

I had a blast, and I will never forgive Sam Sims for wearing cleats against my team in tug of war.

Until next the next STAR Games!