PKM Cares About Education

Joseph McCain

Credit Review Analyst

August 2, 2017

During my time with the firm, I have realized that PKM truly takes a vested interest in our employees. The firm wants everyone to accomplish not only their professional goals with the company, but also personal goals for long-term success. Many of us attend different seminars, conferences, and other schooling surrounding topics such as accounting standards, regulatory compliance and credit issues that are constantly changing. The firm realizes that it is imperative to stay current on the changes happening in our industry to not only further our depth of knowledge, but also better serve our clients.

I began interning at a bank in College and upon graduation worked full time in a bank for ten years. Throughout my career, I have seen many bank leaders that have gone to banking school, and I had the desire to do the same. As I progressed through my career, and worked at a few different banks along the way, none of them were willing (or in some cases able) to contribute to my banking school dream. As soon as I joined the firm, PKM knew that I had the desire to attend banking school and has made that dream happen for me.

Banking school has been a great platform for me to enhance my learning on the daily operations of running a bank, as well as provided me with the opportunity to meet some great new people. As I write this, I am actually currently on campus at LSU –which is one of the best banking schools in the country. The information I learn here will help me to better serve our community clients, while bettering myself for the future. Some of the connections I meet here will be senior managers or executives later in their career, so it will be a great opportunity for me to stay connected with leaders down the road. I am very grateful to work for a company that cares so much about the employees on their team and has been able to make my “banking school dream” a reality.