A New Kind of Team

Emily Snider

Audit Associate

November 26, 2018

As a former student athlete, I have always traveled and managed a hectic schedule. In some ways, transitioning from a collegiate athlete to audit staff has its similarities – such as exploring new places and meeting new people, all while performing to the best of my abilities. We travel each week to provide our services to clients and some weeks are more interesting than others. I may be going to a town with one restaurant or I could be going to a town that enables me to experience a Green Bay Packers game. No matter the place, we make the most out of every week.

Being on Georgia Southern’s softball team and learning how to interact with others has made it easier to acclimate to the busy working environment of a staff auditor. Each week, I would prepare for a new opponent, now I use those skills to prepare for a new client.

After my first month of work, I have realized that I am still on a team where we all work towards a common goal. This team however, is represented by different letters. Instead if GS, it is now PKM. Not only am I completing new sections week by week, I am challenging myself to be better than I was the day before. With each week presenting new tasks, I use that opportunity to adapt and grow in order to perform at my highest potential.

At the end of the day I may not be playing a sport, but I am still developing as I would if I were still a student of the game. Each engagement provides learning opportunities to grow in our profession. I love the thought of competing and being a team player, and those are some reasons why Atlanta CPA firm PKM is the best place to work for!