Mindfulness: In and Out of the Office

Shauna McCullough-Hightower

Executive Assistant

August 6, 2019

One of the many benefits of working downtown is being close to Centennial Olympic Park. As a firm, we like to practice Mindfulness (being more aware of where you are and what you’re doing). In fact, prior to busy season, a professional was brought in during a Lunch and Learn to teach us some ways to stay in the present moment. Going into busy season, the lesson showed that PKM values us and wanted to help us prepare to not only be more successful at work but to also be invigorated at home and avoid becoming overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.

One of the ways I’ve found that keeps me grounded and relieves stress is by walking. I have always been a head-down-eat-at-my-desk-don’t-stop-until-the-work-is-done type of person which, though not the worst can and did become a physical burden on my life. Being at PKM allows me the authority to plan my day so that I can get up from my desk and go walk around the park when I need to create a space for myself to think and breathe. I am not subjugated to the corporate structure that many think of when they hear “CPA firm.” The culture at PKM is built for someone who practices Mindfulness to be successful.

Along with coworkers, we spend lunch enjoying the bustling city, getting fresh air, chatting and getting to know each other – which is a benefit afforded by being a PKMer that I have come to look forward to everyday. PKM isn’t just a workplace, but a place where we can nurture our personal and professional growth. Who knows – maybe one day I may join a PKM Yoga session!