Mindful on the Mat

Khushboo Arora

Systems Associate

September 27, 2019

As most of us know, working at a CPA firm can often be stressful– especially during busy season. In order to alleviate some of that stress, PKM has put in place an idea of their own – holding yoga sessions every other Friday morning, all led by yours truly!

After being a committed yogi for five years, I took the plunge a few years ago to become a certified yoga teacher. Now, eight years into my yoga practice, I have decided to share my knowledge and passion with my colleagues at the firm in order to better improve their – and my – stress and work “flow.” Yoga has so many benefits – not only the physicality, but it also helps to open the heart and declutter the mind. This practice also promotes Mindfulness – a concept that we learned about during one of our recent lunch and learns that was put on by our healthcare provider, Cigna.

With my own experience on the mat and during my yoga teacher training, I help to ease stress and work on muscles that become stiff from sitting at the desk, often times in front of a computer all day. Hopefully, by being able to open up their bodies and minds, PKMers will not only be able to alleviate stress but also open up to new possibilities and challenges. Additionally, PKM Yoga allows colleagues to get to know each other outside of work and has opened up many more friendships for me inside the firm.

It’s great to be able to interact with my coworkers in a setting other than work and I am so appreciative that the firm has encouraged and supported me to lead this endeavor.