Growing Beyond the State and Within Her Career: Meet McKenzie Hall

Rachel Halper

Marketing Coordinator

June 18, 2019

McKenzie Hall works in the Tax Department here at Atlanta Accounting firm PKM and was promoted to Manager as of January 1, 2019.

Currently, she lives in Anderson, South Carolina, although she originally hails from Panama City, FL. McKenzie is a “Double Dawg,” who went to The University of Georgia both for her undergraduate degree as well as for her Masters in Accounting. In fact, her grandparents, uncle, mom and a few cousins (all on her mom’s side) went to UGA, so it was her dream during her younger years to walk the same streets and classrooms as so many of her loved ones. During her time at UGA, she began her career at PKM as an intern and starting out working in the Atlanta office – 2018 marked her fifth anniversary with the firm.

In 2017, McKenzie married her husband, Josh, at a small barn wedding in rural Arkansas. As can be seen in the photo, it was a very intimate ceremony, with around 35 of their closest family members and friends. After the wedding, they eventually relocated to South Carolina for Josh to complete his residency and since then, McKenzie has been fortunate to continue working for the firm remotely. Since McKenzie works from home, she was recently able to adopt a Labrador puppy – Finley Mae – which was another lifelong dream of hers. She says another added bonus is that she gets to see her husband more often. He works many odd hours as a doctor, and now she is able to see him more during his unpredictable days off. Though there are many advantages to working remotely, McKenzie has also had to adjust to certain things such as staying focused and not being able to be surrounded by her coworkers every day.

When they are not working, one of their favorite things to do together is hike – ideally with Finley Mae by their side. They not only love going to Asheville since it’s only an hour away and is also where they got engaged, but also spend a good deal of time in Greenville since it’s closer to their home. From hiking, McKenzie has become seasoned in picking out the best trails. Mt. Mitchell on the Black Mountain Crest Trail holds a special place in her heart as her engagement spot, but there are a couple more she loves. These trails include the Devil’s Den in Arizona as well as the trail that took them to the Oneonta Gorge in Oregon – an all-time favorite of hers! Aside from hitting the trials, they enjoy checking out cute, local coffee shops. Greenville is their favorite place to scope out new coffee shops, and their preferred spot is called the Swamp Rat Café – but don’t worry, it has no relation to University of Florida. Despite the name, this is probably one of their favorite places because not only does it have great coffee, but it is also a market where they can pick up unique, local items before heading back home.

McKenzie also loves to cook, and more specifically, she enjoys baking. She put her skills to the test during Christmas when she hosted her family from Georgia for the first time in Anderson, SC! Since this interview was conducted before the holidays, we will have to ask McKenzie for updates on how it went, but she was planning to take as many of her grandmother’s old recipes as possible and try to recreate them for her family – the goal being to make them at least half as well.

McKenzie says she remembers choosing to work for PKM over five years ago and while the firm was smaller than others, the culture spoke volumes. She could tell how the firm cared about her not just as an employee, but as a person. Since making the transition to a remote environment, this has been reinforced yet again. “They provided me with all of the equipment I needed to set up a home office and the transition has been seamless,” McKenzie explains. For her, “working for a firm that cares about me and appreciates the work I do for the company is priceless. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work for PKM and cannot imagine finding a firm with better people to work with – whether it be in the same office or across state lines!”

We are lucky to have McKenzie as part of the PKM team – and congratulations to her on her well-deserved promotion!