Bittersweet Company

Michael Moch

Senior Audit Associate

July 22, 2019

Where does someone begin when given the opportunity to write a blog? This is our chance to tell the world a little bit more about ourselves, but do I brief you on how I start my day or what I do on a day-to-day basis? Perhaps I could tell you more about my practice or my accomplishments along the way; I think not. I want to tell you a story not about myself, but about the people who make up Atlanta Accounting Firm PKM.

Last year, right around Thanksgiving, I began feeling severely sick. My mother insisted I see an urgent care doctor right away. After going, the urgent care doctor insisted I visit the ER to get further diagnosis of my illness as it appeared I had a low red blood cell count in addition to the obvious symptoms that come with it. At the ER, blood work indicated my hemoglobin level was at a 5; normal levels for a man range from 13 – 17. So, in addition to my critical state of anemia, additional tests indicated I had a severe case of E. coli. My urgent care check-up turned into a 4 night stay in the ER and I wish it ended there.

Just before our Christmas break, which I have to tell you is one of the many great perks of working here at PKM, I was rushed back to the ER due to many of my symptoms returning worse than ever. It turned out that the E. coli amplified the current flare I was already in prior to Thanksgiving – a result of my current stage with ulcerative colitis. The next ER visit turned into 12 very long days at the hospital, but it felt like a month.

Remember, this story is not about me, so I’ll go no further in this sympathizing path I’m leading you on. Despite this being a bit of an agonizing way to end 2018, there was light within all that darkness. There was not a day that I did not receive a call, text or most importantly a visit from a number of people, whether that be from friends or family. When I say “friends,” the majority of them were my fellow PKMers. Now, I’d say the general consensus would reveal that people ask, “Hey how are you feeling…Do you want me to come visit you?” I personally love playing mind games with one’s moral compass, so my response would always be “It’s up to you” and see what happens. Despite a pitiful illustration of myself in that bed, 35 lbs less than their last sight of me, of course I want to see my friends and have a few minutes of normal interaction. I’ll tell you what, PKM showed up! I can’t tell you how blessed I felt to have my colleagues come visit, even with me being over an hour away. Not only did I receive their cheerful company, I was told a fellow colleague had donated a couple days of PTO to me for my time away from work. Who does that?! Like I said, PKM “showed up”. The firm also sent me a card and flowers. I think most would say I can tend to give off a hard-bitten position on things, but dang doI have a special place in my heart for these kind gestures. The days were long and painful, but knowing that each time that door opened could bring in a familiar face is what kept me in good spirit.

These people I call my colleagues aren’t just some casual friends outside of work, they are the people I can rely on when I need a favor, they are support for when life gets tough, they are present for all your big moments and most importantly they are my family.