Adventures Abroad

Rachel Halper

Marketing Coordinator

August 14, 2019

Anna-Kay is our senior systems associate at PKM, and she has been at the firm for 3 ½ years.

Anna-Kay grew up on the west side of Jamaica in an agricultural area of the country known as Trelawny. While there, her dad worked as an Agronomist while her mother had been a teacher for over 20 years. When she came to the States, and ended up attending high school at North Clayton High School, she recalls having to adjust to the school culture. Once she started high school, she became a member of the soccer team which was her first real organized sport. Not long after starting, she fell in love with the game, and even won MVP on her high school team a few times.

After high school, Anna-Kay went on to attend college at Georgia Southwestern State University. The school is in a rather rural part of Georgia, and it Anna-Kay in front of the ocean on the coast of Italyreminded her of home town in Jamaica when she arrived and saw all the agriculture and livestock. While there, Anna-Kay participated in both the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Residence Hall Association (RHA). After living in rural Georgia for her undergraduate degree, she decided to make the move to Atlanta and pursue both her Masters of Science in Information Systems and Master of Science in Information Systems Audit & Control degrees at Georgia State University over the next wo years. She financed herself through her graduate program by taking on a full-time internship at Federal Home Loan Bank as well as a graduate assistantship and thankfully graduated on time and debt free! Right after the program Anna-Kay came to work at PKM full-time after meeting Christie Bell at a Georgia State recruiting event.

In her free time, Anna-Kay likes to participate in a variety of activities – one of her favorites still being soccer. At the moment, Anna-Kay plays “One Touch Soccer” every Wednesday. She learned about this program from Megan Lisle, and she’s the one who really got her into playing in the league on a team. Other than “One Touch,” Anna-Kay plays pickup soccer on Mondays or Saturdays. Her favorite part about soccer is the physicality as well as the energy of the sport, and her favorite position to play is “lockdown” defense – though, while she was in high school, her position was a forward.

Anna-Kay has also recently gotten into traveling more often as well. This past April, she went on a solo-travel trip to Italy to explore a new city and try something challenging on her own. First, she visited Rome and visited a variety of iconic places including the Pantheon, Colosseum, Vatican, Spanish steps, roof top bars, food tours, and boat rides. Her excursion included taking a trip from Rome to Sorrento via a train ride. She recalls Sorrento being far more relaxing than the hustle and bustle of Rome. Afterwards, Anna-Kay took a chair lift to Monte Solaro which is a 15 minute ride from Anacapri. The chair lift was highly recommended by Mike Morris. She says she loved being able to see such a different part of the world, as well as making new friends while there. For her future travel plans, she would like to go to either Spain or Greece and hopes to do at least one solo-travel trip a year from now on.

We are so grateful to have Anna-Kay, as well as her adventurous and fun-loving spirit as a member of the PKM family!