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In today’s fast-paced, technology driven environment, it’s imperative for executives to use the most innovative strategies and think outside the box in order to stay competitive. Welcome to GroundBanking, stories about innovation in the financial industry. Each episode we’ll feature experts in banking and FinTech who will discuss the challenges and opportunities in today’s marketplace – whether it be embracing new technology, coming up with new lines of business or finding more efficient ways to serve their customers and communities.

Season 2, Episode 10: Tommy Marshall Discusses The Georgia FinTech Academy

In this episode, we talk with Tommy Marshall, Executive Director of The Georgia FinTech Academy. The Georgia FinTech Academy is bringing together the fintech industry and the University System of Georgia, to offer education and training on a wide range of fintech topics and career pathways. The Academy’s structure allows employers to partner with multiple USG institutions, whether in close proximity or elsewhere across the state of Georgia.


Season 2, Episode 9: Derik Sutton Discusses Automated Solutions for the Small Business Market

In this episode, we talk with Derik Sutton, VP of Product at Autobooks, who is partnering with financial institutions across the country to better serve the massive, and growing, micro and small business market. Most small businesses continue to use manual, or less automated solutions, and those that don’t are turning to non-bank providers to satisfy their requirements. Autobooks better enables financial institutions to provide the products and services a small business needs today to manage and grow their business

Our featured craft beers this episode are Down with the Thickness and Pecan Pie Paradise by Pontoon Brewing Company based in Sandy Springs, Georgia.


Season 2, Episode 8: Rick Gonzalez Discusses a Digital Solution for the 1099 Worker

In this episode, we talk with Rick Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of RoamHR who has created a unique digital solution for the 1099 worker. RoamHR is partnering with financial institutions across the country to help freelancers, self-employed and gig-economy workers not only save for their federal and state income tax, but also better manage their overall financial picture.

Our featured craft beer this episode is Suspension Ch. 1 IPA by Six Bridges Brewing Company based in Johns Creek, Georgia.


Season 2, Episode 7: Adwait Joshi Discusses Taming the Data Demon

In this episode, we talk with Adwait Joshi, CEO and Founder of DataSeers. Adwait discusses how DataSeers has helped financial institutions take the pain out of the data segmentation process by efficiently handling multiple data sources with ease, correlating the data and providing actionable intelligence.

Our featured craft beer this episode is Wandering Blues by Orpheus Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia.


Season 2, Episode 6: JB Garrett Discusses Specialty Lending

In this episode, we talk with JB Garrett, Chief Financial Officer of GrandSouth Bank. JB discusses their specialty lending program, CarBucks which provides floor plan financing to independent auto dealers for the purchase and holding of their inventory. JB highlights the opportunities and challenges that have accompanied this type of lending solution as well as how they’ve diversified risk through creating loans outside of their traditional market area.

Our featured craft beer this episode is Et Tu Jucius by Ironmonger Brewing Company in Marietta, Georgia.


Season 2, Episode 5: Pavleen Thukral Discusses an Online Marketplace for Loan Trading

In this episode, we talk with Pavleen Thukral, CEO and Founder of Stackfolio. Pav discusses how Stackfolio has used machine learning to create an online marketplace for loan trading that is already changing how hundreds of institutions across the country transact in the whole loan and participation markets.

Our featured craft beer this episode is Cosmik Debris by Creature Comforts Brewing Company based in Athens, Georgia.

Season 2, Episode 4: Lisa Nicholas Discusses Digital Transformation

In this episode, we talk with Lisa Nicholas, President of Digital Banking Services at Credit Union of Texas (CUTX). Lisa discusses the age of the digital transformation and how financial institutions can utilize technology to gain a better understanding their current customer needs, increase engagement and position themselves for future success.

Our featured craft beer this episode is Double County IPA by Dry County Brewing Company based in Kennesaw, Georgia.


Season 2, Episode 3: Terry Ammons Discusses highlights from Recent FinTech Events

In this special edition of GroundBanking, host Terry Ammons discusses the recent fintech events he has attended over the past several weeks, including AFT’s Spring Summit in Tucson, AZ and the ICBA’S ThinkTech Accelerator hosted by the Venture Center of Little Rock. He touches on the top 5 things he learned at AFT as well as some of the most important things fintech startups should be focusing on right now.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Wild Leap Brew Co.’s Alpha Abstraction Double IPA vol. 6 based out of LaGrange, Georgia.

Season 2, Episode 2: Alex Valdes Discusses Facial Biometric Solutions for Financial Institutions

In this episode, we talk with Alex Valdes, Chief Financial Officer at TrustStamp. Alex discusses how their AI-powered facial biometric identity authentication solution, TrustStamp, has empowered financial institutions to onboard customers faster, keep accounts secure, and prevent fraudsters from accessing services.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Creature Comforts Koko Buni out of Athens, GA.

Season 2, Episode 1: Kevin Tweddle Discusses the ICBA’s ThinkTech Accelerator Program

In this episode, we talk with Kevin Tweddle, Chief Operating Officer of the ICBA Services Network and Chief Innovation Officer of the ICBA about the Association’s new ThinkTech Accelerator that will launch in early January. Kevin discusses the program and its overall goal to serve as an outlet for community banks to directly engage and partner with early-stage fintech companies.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Creature Comforts’ Table Beer based out of Athens, GA.


Season 1, Episode 8: Chris Stanley Discusses FinTech and Banking Partnerships

In this episode, we talk with Chis Stanley, VP of FinTech Industry Banking at Atlantic Capital Bank. Chris discusses how Atlantic Capital Bank is approaching their FinTech strategy and what banks are looking for as it relates to these partnerships.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Wild Heaven Beer’s White Blackbird based out of Atlanta, GA.


Season 1, Episode 7: David Eads Discusses How Digital Sales and Marketing Drive Growth

In this episode, we talk with David Eads, CEO of Gro Solutions, Inc. David discusses how utilizing digital sales and marketing platforms can help drive growth for financial institutions across all channels of their business through optimizing both the user experience for digital sales tasks, such as account opening and loan underwriting.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Pontoon Brewing’s Galaxy Drifter IPA – based out of Sandy Springs, GA.


Season 1, Episode 6: Fran Duggan Discusses AI & Smarter Payments

In Episode 6, we talk with Fran Duggan, CEO of Payrailz. Fran discusses improving the customer experience through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leveraging technology and data to make easier and smarter payments.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Second Self Beer Company’s Thai Wheat – based out of Atlanta, GA.


Season 1, Episode 5: Julius Weyman and The Retail Payments Risk Forum

In Episode 5, we talk with Julius Weyman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Julius discusses the genesis of the Retail Payments Risk Forum, meaningful data and trends he has seen over the course of his career and how financial institutions are managing risk and preventing fraud in retail payments.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Jekyll Brewing’s – Pineapple Habanero Hop Dang Diggity IPA out of Alpharetta, GA.


Season 1, Episode 4: NBKC Bank FinTech Accelerator Program

In Episode 4, we talk with Zach Pettet and Melissa Eggleston at NBKC Bank in Kansas City. They discuss the unique approach their bank is taking to develop a FinTech accelerator program, as well as their mission to embrace the thriving FinTech community in their city.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Gate City Brewing – OTP based out of Roswell, GA.

Season 1, Episode 3: Fraud Prevention and Machine Learning

In Episode 3, we talk with Dave Excell, CTO & Founder of Featurespace.  Dave dives into the concept of machine learning and how Featurespace is using this technique to help financial institutions manage their fraud detection and prevention efforts.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Orpheus Brewing Transmigration of Souls – based out of Atlanta, GA.

Season 1, Episode 2: TAG FinTech Ecosystem Report

In Episode 2, we talk with Glen Sarvady and Don Campbell who, in conjunction with Chip Harden, developed the 2018 TAG FinTech Ecosystem Report for the state of Georgia. In this episode, Glen and Don discuss some of the highlights of the report to include the state of the industry, how it has grown and evolved over the years and the key role Georgia plays to the larger FinTech ecosystem.

Season 1, Episode 1: Faster Payments

In Episode 1, we talk with Terri Sands who is the director of Payments Risk Management at State Bank & Trust. Terri discusses how State Bank has seen success embracing faster payments and the landscape of where the industry is heading.

This episode’s featured craft beer is Creature Comforts’ Tropicalia – based out of Athens, GA.