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Demonstrate a Solid Business Model with a Security Posture Assessment

A solid security posture begins with a well-thought-out network design, configuration of controls, and externally facing systems that extends across all internal systems. It can be indicative of a strong business model and often will deter potential hackers from the get-go. A weak security posture, on the other hand, can tempt hackers – especially if you appear to be a lucrative target, such as a financial institution or a company with valuable trade secrets.

That’s why it’s important to perform frequent IT security audits – what we refer to as “security posture assessments” – to ensure you are keeping up with the threat landscape as it evolves and to verify you are using a layered security approach. This includes administrative and technical controls where if one control fails, multiple others are in place to back it up.

IT Security Audits – Because Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

At PKM, we provide security posture assessments and IT security audits across a number of industries using widely accepted frameworks – or the specific framework you already have in place. Unlike some IT consulting companies, our style provides transparency and comparability over time and allows us to customize our approach to a given client’s needs and regulatory environment.

A number of our clients have already made significant efforts to address IT security threats when they engage us for a security posture assessment, and we have found that most still have many unidentified weaknesses. It’s important to remember that both executive management and those with direct oversight of IT security should be painfully aware of their responsibility for the protection of their networks and data. That said, our security posture assessments are intended for the board of directors and senior management to help them know where they stand – in plain English. It provides actionable insight into how well the organization is protecting itself based on the risks.

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