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Know Your Weaknesses with Penetration Testing

Periodic penetration testing should be an integral part of your information security program as it plays an essential role in mitigating risks associated with your network and systems vulnerabilities. The primary objective of penetration testing is to gain access to your computer host, network or applications using an authorized and systematic process of identifying and exploiting known security vulnerabilities.

At PKM, our information security consultants utilize an approach to penetration testing that is based on “full-information” knowledge of the target network. We start by identifying public IP addresses and systems that may be potential targets for hackers. Next, we gather information about the available attack routes and perform scans where we audit the discovered systems for known vulnerabilities. Finally, we attempt to gain access and penetrate your network, while communicating the potential impacts the attack may have on your business.

Penetration Testing Tools and Solutions Backed by Experience

Our information security consultants have the experience to know that penetration testing can have an impact on a company’s operations. As such, we work together with management to determine whether the root-cause vulnerability should simply be fixed, or if we should attempt to fully penetrate the system. If we successfully penetrate the network, we would then perform “pivot attacks,” a method that uses the compromised system to attack other systems on the same network in an attempt to identify additional vulnerabilities to exploit from our new vantage point.

Because our penetration testing tools and methodology follow the same tactics that an external hacker might use, it will not only enlighten you as to the systems and information that can be attacked, but will also offer you peace of mind that any existing weaknesses are unearthed and addressed long before they can be exploited.

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