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PCI PIN Security Audit

What’s the Deal with PCI Compliance?

Since 2012, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance has been strictly enforced. Any entity that accepts and processes Visa, Plus or Interlink PINs is subject to these PCI security standards. Specifically, any financial institution that is a Plus member, with at least one ATM, is likely to receive a mandate from its processor or sponsoring bank asking for an annual PCI PIN Security Audit.

These detailed PCI compliance requirements are aimed at safeguarding consumer PIN and cryptographic systems used to protect the Visa payment systems. The PCI security standards include a comprehensive list of control objectives that cover over 30 questions or requirements on PIN security and the encryption keys that protect the PIN.

A Seamless Approach to Meeting PCI Security Standards

Because of the level of detail involved in a PCI PIN security audit, it’s important to opt for an auditor that is not only well versed in PCI compliance requirements, but also security and encryption systems as a whole. PKM has experienced, certified IT auditors who understand the intricacies of PCI compliance requirements, PIN and Key management principles and the techniques and the details involved with performing these complex PCI PIN Security Audits.

We know that completing these audits and meeting your PCI compliance requirements can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Our experts work together with clients to provide the most comprehensive, timely and cost-effective solutions. Our work and experience in the payments industry, coupled with our heritage of serving financial institutions, positions us will to offer a smooth and efficient audit – allowing you to rest easy knowing that you have effectively met your PCI requirements.

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