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Network Vulnerability Assessments (NVA)

Network Vulnerability Assessments for a Comprehensive IT Business Strategy

Today, security breaches are more common than ever. They’re being perpetrated not only by external hackers, but also by individuals from inside your organization (almost always unintentionally). That’s why a comprehensive Network Vulnerability Assessment (often referred to as a NVA/network audit) is vital to the protection of your organization and should be an integral part of your overall IT business strategy.

At PKM, our network vulnerability assessments are designed to review your systems for vulnerabilities that could be exploited in an attempt to gain access to your network. Through our network audits, we often identify vulnerabilities such as:

  • Configuration issues
  • Missing security patches
  • General network design weaknesses

If identified early on, these vulnerabilities can typically be remediated and help you avoid costly breaches down the road.

Network Audits You Can Actually Understand

At PKM, our Network Vulnerability Assessments are tailored so that our testing can be performed remotely (external network vulnerability assessment) or onsite at your location (internal network vulnerability assessment). Unlike many network audits that only provide technical data derived from scans, PKM takes the time to interpret the results, weed out the noise and false positives, and provide you with a concise report that is easy for you to understand.

If the final report to management reflects that your network security does not live up to your standards, we will provide recommendations for your IT business strategy to improver your systems and steadily lessen your risk of a security breach.

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