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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Training – Your First Line of Defense

Arguably the most important control in fighting cybercrime is to have the right amount of cyber security training for your employees. A well-trained staff that is knowledgeable on cyber security and the latest hacking techniques is your first line of defense in protecting your business.

Our cyber security consultants have seen it time and time again – security breaches and other attacks that are unintentionally initiated by unknowing employees. It is an ongoing battle to ensure that your employees aren’t allowing hackers in through social engineering techniques, clicking on suspicious links or disposing of sensitive information in inappropriate ways.

Our Experienced Cyber Security Consultants Will Help You Navigate Through the Noise

At PKM, we know that today’s businesses are constantly bombarded by new and emerging cyber security threats. And with all of that information coming at you, figuring out what needs to be done can be daunting. Our approach to cyber security training is to help you navigate the noise and boil it down to the actionable items you really need to focus on.

We offer our clients year-round IT and cyber security training on issues that are applicable to their businesses. Our cyber security consultants have offered customer training sessions to our clients through in-person seminars or webinar formats, walking though real world examples with each session tailored to meet the more specific needs of your organization.

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