Work and ‘Mom’ Life Balance

Tracie Walker

Tax Staff

July 19, 2016

Now that I have become a mother to my sweet little girl Laina, finding that ideal balance between work and home life has been a challenge. I am very passionate about being the best parent I can, so I have fully embraced all the new aspects of motherhood.  Prior to returning back to work after 3 months of maternity leave, I was unsure how the full time mom/part-time accountant role would play out, but so far I feel as if it has been a good balance.  Thankfully, PKM has allowed me the opportunity and flexibility to work on a part-time basis so I can spend that precious time and energy with my daughter.

Flash back 3 years ago this month – out of the blue my mother was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called multiple myeloma.  This came as a complete shock to everyone, as cancer always does when it strikes someone you know and love.  After considering the options, I decided to take a leave of absence and I went back home to Kansas City to care for my mother. This happened shortly after I had started my internship at PKM and then was transitioned into a part-time employee while I was finishing up my Master’s degree at Georgia State.  I was incredibly grateful for the generous FMLA that I was allowed to take in order to be a caregiver for my mother through an intense battle with cancer.  I was gone just over 9 months and when I came back to work in February of 2014, I was able to pick up right where I left off.  I was assured over that 9 month period that my job would be here for me when I was able to return and to just focus on taking care of my mother.  I was given so much support over that period of time from all my co-worker – it was unbelievable.

It seems as being a caregiver is a natural role that I’ve played and I have been grateful for the opportunities. No matter what life brings your way, whether it’s a family health crisis or an addition to your family, PKM is right there by your side to offer the support and the flexibility you need to continue on your career path.  I am and will always be forever grateful for this.