Why PKM?

Maria Zafar

Tax Intern

February 16, 2016

The fear of pursuing my MTAX was the initial bridge I had to cross. When I encountered the options for my future and the opportunities I had, I was confused. Why? The recruitment season had begun. I knew I wanted to work for a mid-size firm, but I needed to determine which firm fit my personality and lifestyle. I researched multiple firms to get an understanding of their culture and environment. However, after exploring all the websites I learned this was not a good solution to my problem. It was hard to distinguish the differences between the firms through the websites. Everything on the websites made the firms seem perfect and they were all so similar. The only hope I had left to accurately make a decision was the day of recruitment. This would help me interact with employers to understand their firm environment better. I wanted a firm with a good work/life balance. This was important to me because I wanted to take classes through the semesters as I worked.

It was recruitment day and I was ready to explore and have discussions with prospective employers. I began to converse with different firms and realized their websites really were not an accurate reflection of their work environment. So why did I choose PKM? PKM was the only one that seemed to be the exact version of their website. PKM did not hide behind pretty words. When PKM mention work/life balance they actually mean it. I was amazed at the fact that PKM allows their employees to work from home and even let them leave early when they need to pick their kids up from school. Throughout the recruiting process, everyone was easy to talk to and very friendly. During the campus interview, I was able to speak with the firm’s tax partner instead of an HR Manager. PKM took all the interviewees out to many great restaurants. I actually had the time to sit down and enjoy my food while talking to several outstanding individuals. PKM made my recruiting season unforgettable.

I started my internship in January and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Everyone is always willing to help, and they don’t even make you feel awkward when you need it. PKM also allows me to leave early to attend classes for MTAX. *hint hint* Work/life balance just when you need it.