Why I Love my PKM Internship

Abby Deane

Tax Intern

July 12, 2016

It is hard to believe I am already over halfway done with my summer internship. PKM has been a lot of things I had grown to expect based off of my positive recruiting experience: welcoming, a place for growth, and a group of people who are comfortable working together. However, there are a few parts of the experience that were unknowns until I began to get my feet wet. These aspects have turned out to be the top reasons I am proud to work here.

I have spent years studying concepts and taking tests on the subject of accounting in a classroom setting, but I knew this did not translate directly into the workplace. I have been surprised at the concepts that take weeks of study time to master that can be picked up quickly when working with them hands on. Daily work at PKM is unique to the academic world. Teamwork, encouragement, and available resources are refreshing and make it easy to strive for quality work.

I have also been overwhelmed by the amount of respect and assistance I receive daily at the office. I am given responsibility that challenges me and guidance to succeed. As an intern, I have had direct contact with staff at every level of the tax department. Tax staff, seniors, and managers have sat by my desk patiently teaching or investigating where in my work a number went wrong. It is in this time they offer that I learn the most in the shortest period of time. I have worked on projects alongside every staff member in the department, allowing me exposure to a variety of work experiences that are never mundane.

Realizing you can enjoy waking up, going to the office, and working in a field that excites you has made me excited to graduate in a few months and begin the next stage of life!