What makes PKM great?

Kenny Douglas

Senior Compliance Consultant

January 14, 2016

Having both prior public accounting and banking industry experience has given me, I believe, a unique perspective about what it takes to be successful and how to have a fun work environment. The partners genuinely care about their staff and strive to make the firm an enjoyable place to work. Public accounting has a proven track record of long hours and a lot of travel but partners and directors now recognize the need to limit these long hours and travel time in order to retain the great talent within the firm. And compared to my previous experience, they are doing a great job it. The flexibility of working remotely at times, whether in the office or at home, and doing what I enjoy make for a great environment that I feel anyone can thrive in.

PKM also does a lot for their employees and those outside the firm that you might not see elsewhere. We have a program called Cash for Connections in which a staff member can receive $100 just by introducing an industry professional to a partner and helping create a connection. PKM gives bonuses for recruiting those outside to the firm to join our team, bringing in new clients or new business and even for obtaining new certifications (and not just the CPA). The firm has shown their commitment to various universities and the community. Firm employees have participated in various community service projects and hosted etiquette dinners so soon-to-be college grads have a working knowledge of table etiquette before attending business lunches and dinners. While some of this may seem like common sense, not all companies or firms are willing to go out of their way to this extent for their staff and others.

While my tenure thus far with PKM has been short, I believe my future looks even brighter with this firm and this industry.