What Keeps Me Going

Kristina Lischke

Audit Manager

June 17, 2016

Public accounting is a non-demanding industry where you won’t work long hours or be held to a high standard of quality work…said no one ever! As I sit here about to hit my seventh year at PKM, I’ve thought about what truly keeps me going each year. The typical answer is the people, and honestly, that holds true for me too, but I’ll attempt to take it a step further.

Employee Motivation

The main driver for me is the impact you can have on the organization in a relatively short time. If you give your all to PKM, PKM is going to give it all back to you and allow you to have a voice. Regardless of your level, you can be a change agent and look to better the organization as a whole, which in turn, will help you grow at an individual level. We all have various client demands and administrative requirements that come with the territory, but we also have freedom to initiate change whether it be from a technical or nontechnical standpoint. I’m not sure I would still be here today if there was the mentality of “that’s just the way it is and there is no point in trying to change it.” If you see a problem or have an idea for a better way to handle a certain solution, then by all means, speak up. PKM encourages this type of behavior and looks for creative and innovative ways to keep employees motivated and satisfied. This type of attitude and behavior offsets the long hours and demanding work. It allows you to feel part of an organization that truly values your opinion and wants to continue to grow.

I’ll soon be out on maternity leave with the upcoming arrival of twins and I feel lucky to have PKM behind me as I begin this next journey in life and my career. My day to day life will soon be very different and I’m going to have new demands, which will make it necessary to reshape my daily routine. With the items above, I feel motivated and determined to make this transition into a working mother successful while also providing an example to others. I might have to get creative at times, but based on the environment PKM has shown me for the past seven years, I don’t question the commitment from them to make it work. So, as I look back on the past seven years and forward into the future, I know it’s the ability to have an impact, feel valuable and be a change agent that keeps me going at PKM.