What it Means to be Part of PKM

Trent Wildermuth

Audit Intern

March 13, 2017

What does it actually mean to be part of PKM? One answer to this question could be being invited to Phil Moore’s lake house while you are on an engagement even while being an intern. This just shows how the dynamics of PKM works. PKM has such a friendly culture that even when you are in the middle of an engagement, the managing partner invites the team to his house for dinner. Not a dinner that was ordered and delivered, but a dinner that was actually prepared by Phil and his wife. This just shows the caring and giving attitude that PKM has to offer. It shows what PKM was built on and why it’s considered one of the best accounting firms to work for multiple years by AccountingToday.

During my internship at PKM I have realized what it means to be part of PKM. I still think I am very fortunate that I chose PKM over other accounting firms. I feel this way because the people that you work with really do care that you understand the process and want you to understand why we do it the way we do it because it is the PKM standard. If anyone is thinking about getting into public accounting, PKM should easily be a top choice. PKM has everything anyone would want: people who care about you, people who want to see you succeed, and people that you can easily get along with. I know every accounting firm you come across will say, “What makes us is our culture”, but at PKM you truly do get an amazing culture. Just take the example of the managing partner preparing dinner for his team in the middle of an engagement.