Time Management Tips

Mary Beth Marchione

Systems Manager

March 22, 2016

Time management is a skill that is often overlooked or brushed aside. Practicing effective time management can have profound results. Not only will you be able to focus more completely on those things that matter most, but you will work more efficiently on a team. Working in a team environment is a wonderful thing. Knowing that you are an integral part of a project can feel very rewarding. As a staff person at PKM you will work on multiple projects with deadlines and different engagement teams/leads. It is important to keep track of your responsibilities as well as have a clear understanding of others’ expectations. Some things that I think would help all new staff/interns when it comes to managing time:

  1. Take Notes – We all forget things so it is important to take notes
  2. Use a Calendar – Have a visual of what your day/week/month looks like
  3. Ask Questions – If you don’t understand an assignment or what is expected of you, it is important to ask
  4. Don’t wait until the deadline – In our line of work, everything is reviewed. Don’t wait until the last minute to finish something when it will need to be reviewed by multiple people. Be courteous to others and their time.
  5. Be honest – Be honest with yourself and your team. Let others know what your schedule looks like and the amount of time you have.