This CPE event taught me something everlasting…

Roscoe Douglas

Systems Staff

January 29, 2016

Have you ever wondered what the difference between good and bad writing is? Why do some emails have to be re-read again and again to understand the point and others you seem to catch on to before you have even read them? Well, I am not a great writer. I have an annoying habit of inserting endless little filler words into anything I write. Half of my editing goes to deleting out those little unnecessary words (to, that, those) that subconsciously slip in. Lots of times my point is left floating somewhere just outside of the email.

In an effort to combat these habits, last week the Systems Staff attended a CPE event aimed at overcoming some of the challenges we encounter in our everyday struggle to be effective communicators.

Here are some of the helpful tips we learned.

Write for your audience:
Get to the point right away. Tell your reader what it is that you want them to get out of your email, letter, etc. as soon as you can. Burying the point or the action item in the body of an email only increases the likelihood it will be overlooked.

Use a transparent structure:
Transparent structure helps your points be literally easier to see and including things like:
• Bullet points
• Headers
Bold letters and italics
• Graphics

Proofread before sending:
I think. Noone evr really wants there emails to look like a 5yr old wrote them. Do they

Be Concise:
That is all.