Think recruiting only happens during the fall- think again!

Christie Bell

Human Resources Director

February 25, 2016

Campus recruiting definitely heats up in the fall with career fairs, interviews and office visits, but recruiting for a public accounting firm never stops. There are a variety of different recruiting opportunities that also occur in the spring semester and during the summer.  In fact, I have multiple recruiting events on my calendar every week!  At PKM, we primarily recruit at three schools: University of Georgia, Georgia Southern University and Georgia College & State University.  With just those three universities, we’ve already participated in ten recruiting events in 2016 and February isn’t over yet!  Here are a couple of ways that you can get exposure to prospective employers and increase your odds of landing an internship or full time job offer.

  1. Student organizations: Beta Alpha Psi (Honors Organization for Financial Information Students), Tau Alpha Chi (Tax professional organization) and ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) are just a few of the organizations that we present at and attend meetings to network.  These student organizations offer tremendous opportunities to get to know potential employers.  Not only will participation in these groups look good on your resume, but you can also differentiate yourself from other students by getting to know firm representatives.  I highly recommend not only being involved in these groups, but also having the courage to strike up a conversation with the employers who are there.  We are there to meet you, so don’t be shy!
  2. Summer leadership programs:  There are so many summer leadership program opportunities out there that you could spend your whole summer attending them! Well maybe not quite, but just about every accounting firm I know offers one.  I highly recommend attending these programs; however, you don’t have to attend every single one out there.  I recommend focusing on the top 3-5 firms you are interested in and spending your time there.  Many firms are making job offers after these leadership programs and before the campus interviews in the fall, so you will not only get to know a firm better by attending, but you may also increase your odds of getting an offer!

My last piece of advice is that when you meet a firm representative at any event, be sure to ask for their business card and follow up with an email stating how much you enjoyed meeting or seeing them, and express your interest in their firm. You would be surprised how few students do this and it’s such an easy way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.  Good luck with your recruiting efforts and don’t forget that there are lots of opportunities for recruiting year round!