The PKM Mentality

Evan Towey


August 15, 2016

As summer audit life comes to an end and Fall planning jobs begin to take form, I find myself recollecting all that happened during my first 12 months working with PKM. Although there are a multitude of memories and individual relationships I could point to for reasons why I love the firm, I think the root of my positive experience was my understanding and appreciation of the PKM mentality.

As a staff auditor only one year removed from college life, I can still remember worrying – and almost expecting – that my first job out of college would mainly entail mundane and elementary tasks required by all youngsters entering the business world. The proverbial “be quiet and put your time in”… However, what I have learned and appreciated most about working with PKM is the mentality of my coworkers and the collective approach to the work we do for our clients. I think successfully creating this type of culture at an accounting firm only begins with a certain “tone at the top”, however, I think the partner group and managers have transformed this buzz word into, more effectively, an alliance with the top. Although there are many ways to describe an “average” auditor’s week, the comparison I think is most relatable to recruits is that our work at PKM essentially consists of “group projects” each week. Some projects are longer than others, some projects are easier than others, but each project is very different in its own way. And every project gives you the chance to work together with smart people and exposes you to invaluable business knowledge.

I think this structure makes for a challenging and fulfilling career path. I can also admit that I did not fully appreciate the challenging aspect to the work we do until talking with my non-PKM friends, some of which already felt they were at a dead end job in their mid-20s. It is exciting to know that my company not only offers the potential of high-ceilings growth, it also employs diligent, like-minded people who take personal interests in each other’s success. I think all of these things describe the PKM mentality and I willingly look forward to my second 12 months with the firm.