The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Joan Mbithi

Systems Staff

February 28, 2017

From recruitment to a full time employee, PKM is truly the gift that keeps on giving. My recruitment process began at a Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) meeting at Georgia State University in the Fall of 2015, where I had an opportunity to speak to the Tax Manager in a group setting. I was the only BAP member who was interested in IT Audit at the table, and had several questions. The Tax manager graciously answered all my questions regardless of the fact that she was not in the Systems group. Her passion for PKM and patience were remarkable to me, I had not seen that with any other firm I had interacted with.

After the BAP meeting, I decided to pursue PKM as my employer of choice and firm where I would commence my career in IT Audit. To this day I am grateful that I got an interview from the BAP meeting and now work full-time at PKM. My start date was in September 2016, a year after I accepted my job offer. I expected that awkward silence, where you do not know what to do after recruitment and networking events. However, I quickly learned that with PKM you are part of the team from the onset.

My husband and I were invited to PKM’s 2015 December black tie Christmas party and we did not know what to expect. By the end of the night, we did not want to leave as we had such a great time with those we interacted with. The party solidified that my decision on accepting the job offer was the right one.

With that in mind, I decided to invite two system staff members out for lunch so, I would have a better understanding of what my daily responsibilities would entail. I did not expect the meeting to occur as it was busy season but, thought I would ask. The fact that the System Staff made time to meet with me reassured me of the team culture in the Systems group and made me want to be part of the team even more. The icing on the cake was during the 2016 end of busy season celebration. The Systems group had me laughing with the stories they told from past mistakes to daily encounters as a member of the Systems group. At the end of the party, I realized how close the Systems group really was.

The latter was an important factor to me, considering that I would travel and spend a lot of time with my new colleagues. Now that I am full-time, the gifts I constantly receive are patience in training, and guidance and support from the Systems Partners, Senior Manager, Manager and Staff as I learn my responsibilities in preparation for my first busy season.