The Benefits to Working at PKM

Michael Moch

Audit Staff

July 14, 2016

So who says being a public accountant, aka “auditor” is a boring, mind numbing job? Everyone, right!? Well not everyone has had the privilege to work at Porter Keadle Moore.

I imagine everyone shares a liking for flexibility, travel, entertainment, and family. Well that’s what PKM has to offer…before, during, and after your work day.

PKM Benefits

Now who has time for an oil change? Everyone put their hand down! Your weekends aren’t for fixing your car; they’re for embracing the things you enjoy outside your work life. That’s PKM’s philosophy, minus the exception of busy season, meaning buckle up for February – April. But don’t let that scare you because we’re not your typical Big 4 job where the demand is 60-75 hours per week. We want to keep your bright mind in house, not scare you away. I’ve done the 70 hour job before, and look where I am now… Okay, so back to the oil change. Do you know an employer where you can get it on a Thursday morning? You guessed it, PKM. We don’t play telephone desk to desk saying, “Whoa, get here when you can Stacey”. The staff at PKM is a team, and we all have a mutual understanding, an expectation if you will, of the importance of getting our work done, on time, or early, just so you can help out the next guy. If you get to work late, just work a little later. Flexibility keeps the smiles on peoples’ faces, and here at PKM we’re always camera ready!

Now I know I also mentioned the words travel, entertainment, and family in my thesis, so I can’t let my old English professors down and leave them out of my emphasis.

  1. The travel is great. I know I like getting out of the office every now and then, and the greatest part about the travel is, if it begins to take its toll, the firm “wants” to accommodate your schedule that best fits you.
  2. There comes a time after a few months of grueling work when you need to get out and have some fun. Well, at PKM we have “Accountability Teams” of generally 5-6 people where we schedule events outside of work to let loose and have fun, thus entertainment. You can’t beat a situation in which, you choose to be around, and can enjoy the company of your co-workers outside of work, let alone be given the reins for picking the outing. FYI, my last outing was a Hawks v. Warriors game! But leaving the fun aside, it’s even a great time to take advantage of gaining a little bit of knowledge from your supervisors in a much less formal setting.
  3. I saved the best for last, family. Honestly, PKM is like no other job I’ve ever had. I know most of you have heard the movie quote from Semi-Pro’s, Jackie Moon, “Everybody love everybody”. That is the bread and butter of which PKM culture has embraced in full swing. It’s a ‘learn and teach’ atmosphere, and everybody is on call for asking and answering any and all questions. It’s a beautiful thing when, “Everybody love everybody” as work becomes easier and work gets done quicker. This is cohesion in full throttle. However great the work atmosphere is, the greatest part of our family culture is the friendships we make at work that quickly translate to friendships outside of work. That transition is a game changer because then, we can have fun, pick each other up, and grow.

Now that’s enough of me buttering up PKM. But truly, I enjoy what I do and who I work with, and this is just a combination of two very simple things, but when you have them both, you are truly blessed!