The Benefits of a Positive Culture

Josh Jones

Tax Senior

August 23, 2016

I’ve learned that one of the best qualities about a career in public accounting is the likelihood that you’ll be doing something new every day – if you’re not learning in public accounting, you’re not doing your job. Early on in my career (actually, let’s say before I started working at PKM), I believed that learning on the job only meant studying tax and accounting rules so that I could work faster and on more difficult tasks.  While that’s absolutely true and will always be the case, I never realized how inexperienced I was with the various administrative skills needed to grow our business.

One of these attributes is “soft skills”, which are probably just as important in our profession as technical knowledge.  It’s important that you can effectively communicate with current or potential clients, as well as the people you work with every day.  Internally, PKM makes it a mission to foster an environment where respect and communication are a priority amongst its employees – we have a true open door policy for all members of our firm, and everyone’s ideas – regardless of experience level – are given the same level of consideration.

Our “positivity” culture also carries over into our interactions with clients; for example, it is not uncommon for a staff member to receive a phone call from a client, asking for help with an issue or to explain how something works.  In my experience at PKM, I have never seen a staff member have difficulty speaking with clients and feeling comfortable answering their questions – having worked for another public accounting firm, I can tell you that this is not always the norm.  I truly believe that the positive culture at PKM is not only producing happy employees, but future business leaders with the confidence to take on any task and provide great service to any client.