“Senioring” the Summer Interns

Mckenzie Barr

Tax Senior

July 26, 2016

The transition from staff to senior presents a “learning curve” in your career ladder. Not only are you continuing to grow technical knowledge and improve your client service techniques, you also add the title of mentor and trainer to new staff and interns. This may be my favorite part of the new job responsibilities. This summer was my first experience “senioring” summer interns, and I greatly enjoyed the experience! I remember when I interned at PKM and first started working here full time and the impact that my seniors had on my life and career and was excited about being able to be on the other side of this relationship. From on the job training, to buddy lunches, to other summer work and social activities, I learned as much from them as (I hope) they did from me.

One example of this is answering questions on specific projects and clients as the interns work through a task you have delegated to them. With PKM hiring such top notch intern candidates sometimes these can be pretty challenging questions! In some cases I surprised myself with the knowledge that I have collected over my career thus far. In other cases I was able to lead the interns in research and finding the answer and we were both able to learn something new.

Another important skill that I was able to enhance through mentoring summer interns was how to delegate tasks and coordinate with other seniors and managers to prioritize work and get projects completed during their internship. Communicating up and down the career ladder is important to making sure that the interns stay busy, and are seeing as many different project and types of work as possible during their internship.

I have learned a lot over my time at PKM and I’m very grateful for the ever expanding rolls that are in my future and the learning experiences that will come along with those.