Pre-Internship Nerves

Ariel Waters

Tax Intern

June 14, 2016

I didn’t really know what to expect going into my tax internship with PKM. I had met a lot of really great people at recruiting events, but I wasn’t sure what the actual day-to-day work was going to look like. I had only taken one tax class at that point, so I was nervous that I might not have the knowledge required to perform the work. However, after the first week of my internship, all those nerves went away.

The main thing that helped with that was the training. PKM serves a lot of banks; so on the first day of my internship, I played a game with one of the tax partners that helped me learn a little bit of banking lingo. On the second day, I participated in a scavenger hunt where I had to find answers to questions about things like PKM’s culture and career track. By the end of the hunt, I had learned more about the firm and where to find answers to things I didn’t know. The third day of my internship was when the tax specific training began. I was trained on the different programs that I would be using by various people on the tax side. Not only did this help me become more familiar with the programs, but it also helped me get to know the people I was going to be working with. On the fourth and fifth day of my internship, I attended workshops on how to prepare single entity and individual returns.

Although I didn’t learn everything single I needed know about preparing returns during training, I had become comfortable enough with the people who were training me that I could go to them and ask questions if I needed to. All this to say, by the time that first week of training was over; I was ready to get to work on my first return nerve free!