PKM Takes Every Holiday Seriously

Linda Fry

Audit Executive Assistant

May 1, 2016

Best holiday ever. That was what I was thinking after President’s Day 2016.  Besides the training sessions being held and having lunch brought in, two massage therapists were engaged to provide ten-minute chair massages.  Sign-up sheets were made available and it wasn’t surprising how quickly the time slots filled.  When it came time for the session, we were “seated” in a specially designed chair which allowed the therapist to work on the back, neck, shoulders and arms addressing common problem areas.  Don’t worry, we were fully clothed.  My therapist had soft music playing and the lights turned low.  The ambiance was the perfect gateway from the workstation to tranquility.  I did my best to stop thinking about all the things that need to be done, consciously set aside my to-do list, and focused instead on quieting my mind and relaxing my body by concentrating on my breathing.

Talk about an excellent way to manage stress and muscle tightness from repetitive computer work! After my ten minutes, I felt better all over.  My mind was calm and rested.  Going in, I thought I was doing okay, but once my therapist began, I was amazed by how many knots there were.  And, when finished, there were fewer.  I was thinking I should have signed up for more than one session – it felt so good; of course, that would have cheated my colleagues out of the opportunity.

PKM prides itself as being like a family, and families care about one another. What I realized most on February 15th, was my hard work is valued by the partners and they really do care about all of us.