PKM inspires you to Stay Fit- with a Fitbit!

Linda Fry

Audit Executive Assistant

February 23, 2016

With increased awareness of health risks and the desire to be more active and healthy, it really isn’t surprising that many of us are conscious of the need for physical activity. The benefits of exercise have been known and communicated for quite some time, but finding the motivation can be difficult.  American adults spend billions each year on “cures” for pain and ill health.  Not just weight loss, but that can be a goal as well.

Let’s face it; we know we feel better if we move more. Sounds simple, right?  We have more energy, have a better attitude and generally are less stressed.

One of the perquisites of being a PKM employee is the general atmosphere of being healthy. We all sit and are immobile for the better part of our work days, so it is refreshing to see fresh fruit, bottled and filtered water along with various snacks that won’t completely derail your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, a Fitbit® wireless activity/sleep wristband is available to us. “Big Brother” isn’t watching to see our specific stats, but it will be known if we stop wearing it!

You see many people wearing theirs around the office daily (including partners), and the gadget’s web site allows for connecting with colleagues to encourage one another. There might be an ulterior motive underlying the PKM atmosphere such as better productivity and fewer sick days, but I want to believe it is a general wish for our well-being, because the partners live the culture.

I’d love to say in my six months I’m significantly healthier because I wear the Fitbit tracker, but it has made me very aware of my steps (or lack thereof), and I certainly ‘think’ about that piece of chocolate before I pop it into my mouth!