PKM Community

Todd Burks

Loan Review Specialist

March 9, 2016

I am just coming up on my two year anniversary with PKM and reflecting back it has been one of the best career moves that I have ever made. After working in the Banking industry for more than 18 years, one of the worries I had coming into the Firm was the potential of giving up the family atmosphere (due to the demanding industry) that I had encountered previously. While I did enough research prior to accepting my position to alleviate most of my fears, I was still somewhat nervous during my first few months. What I found out from the onset was that Porter Keadle Moore practices what it preaches in regards to striving to provide a quality work environment for its employees.

One way the firm shows this is through several outings each year that allow employees to foster professional friendships and develop teamwork. In the last two years, I have participated in a variety of activities that have been interesting to say the least. I was part of a winning team in a culinary cooking contest between PKM employees which provided a more mellow satisfaction. On the other end of the excitement scale, I was part of a white water rafting team that flipped our boat over backwards and dumped everyone into the cold waters of a rushing North Georgia river. However, both were satisfying in the aspect that they provided a chance to recharge and provide some off duty interaction with team members that you do not always get to work with.

Another way that PKM ensures a more quality work environment is through work flexibility for hours and ability of working from home. While there will always be a standard for working at our client locations, there are certain instances when work can be done from alternate locations such as home or the Atlanta office. Having two school age children, this is definitely a plus when a school play or ballgame come up, and I can work early or later to attend such functions. The extra mile that PKM goes to provide a quality work environment are what make me proud to tell my friends and family that I work for Porter Keadle Moore.