Number One

Nick Smialek

Senior Audit Manager

March 15, 2016

Numbers may be a very important part of our job as accountants, but that doesn’t mean we treat our employees like one.  At a Firm that has so much diversity in experience, industries, and skills, your individuality is not lost in the mix.  Employees are nurtured and celebrated here.  Promotions and professional achievements are announced throughout the Firm, as are significant life events such as weddings and new babies.  We celebrate each other’s success to inspire more.

PKM’s Partners know everyone by name, which is no easy task with six distinct practice areas resembling larger regional firms.  Partner relationships begin in the recruitment process, which often incorporate dinners to get to know the candidates outside of the traditional interview setting.  Once hired, every new employee is assigned a buddy who looks out for you and helps in your work transition.  Buddies also have a $500 budget to partake in a little fun after work and get to know each other on a personal level.

In the audit department, we break up into small groups called “accountability teams” in order for employees at all levels to interact and get to know each other.  Accountability teams include Partners down to first year staffers. The sole purpose of this team is to ensure that no one slips through the cracks.  Accountability teammates are responsible for knowing what is going on with you both at work and at home. Many Firms talk about work-life balance but PKM is committed to keeping that balance.  Your team members are responsible for knowing your schedule and when it gets too full.  They talk with you about family and life outside of work.  They may even speak up for you when you are stressed and don’t speak up yourself.  Teammates help get you through the difficult times as well as interject some fun, stress-relieving activities on an ongoing basis.  Concerts, sporting events, dinners, and a variety of other activities may be planned months in advance or happen spur of the moment.  These activities are scheduled when you and your team need them the most… especially during the dreaded busy season.  Teams often try to outdo each other with the scope and creativity of these activities.

At PKM you are accountable for fun and relaxation in addition to your professional responsibilities.  It is truly a unique and enjoyable place to work having colleagues and partners committed to your personal well-being.  We may work with numbers all day, but at PKM you will never be one.